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School Meals

It is the Authority’s policy to provide meals and facilities for the consumption of packed lunches in all schools where these are required.  Attractive menu and information leaflets are provided to all Aberdeenshire school pupils and parents. These can also be found at:


Where children bring a packed lunch to school, parents are responsible for ensuring that lunch box contents are stored at the correct temperature, by including an ice pack where necessary.

Parents should be aware that they can request a special diet for their children if there are medical or religious reasons for doing so.  Children who require Medically Prescribed or Modified Diets, with parental/guardian assistance, should be identified during the admission process. Procedures are set in motion to accommodate these diets by parent/guardian completing Admission Form D available from the school administration office.  The school aims to encourage young people to enjoy food which is both attractive to them and nutritionally sound whether this is a school meal, a packed lunch or a snack. We would appreciate your support in achieving this aim.  Some pupils may be entitled to free school meals. More information about this can be obtained from the school.

On a Monday morning a member of the kitchen staff is present in the school foyer to enable pupils and/or parents to buy dinner tickets. At this time parents can also pay for their child to have a carton of orange or apple juice with their meal. It is preferable for pupils to only purchase dinner tickets at this time, although they can be bought in the dinner hall individually. This, however, does result in delays and long queues and should be avoided if at all possible. Any parent who is in a position to claim free meals may do so by contacting the Benefits Section on 0845 08 01 49. Parents who wish to discussspecial diets for medical or religious reasons are welcome to do so.