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Stay safe online

Kids E Safety Websites:

We know that there is a lot of useful, exciting and educational stuff on the internet, but there are also dangers on the internet if you do not use it properly.  Check out some of these websites to learn about how to stay safe online.

Remember that although playing on the internet through a computer, tablet or phone is fun – it can also be addictive and you need to take time out.  Go chat to your parents, play a game with your friends, kick a football around, make up a dance routine, read a book . . . .

 Create some memories that don’t involve a screen !


KidSmart – find out how to share music, search sites safely, find new games and more on KidSmart.


Childnet – Welcome to the children’s activity zone!

Childnet International

CBBC Stay Safe – lots of videos to watch and games to play!

Hacker on a computer.